Bar Fight!

Tarn and the Shop Girl travel to Halford in search of her father who has been missing these past few weeks. At the Lion’s Den Inn they witness the start of a bar fight as some local miners pick on an elf (Denga) who has wandered in for some repast.

The fight starts with fists but the ruffians are quick to draw their weapons. Tarn hurls insults over his plate until one combatant includes him. At the sound of the bar fight a drunkard gains consciousness and evacuates his breakfast noisily and thoroughly outside before joining the fray. On the outskirts of the fight is the youthful petite Sauna who stumbles while trying to avoind the fight and accidentally injures a few fighters. The Drunkard in an amazing feat of prowess knocks out a fighter with a single punch, for which he is celebrated for the rest of the evening.

The strangers make there introductions and return to their meals.



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