A Message

7 man courier

While eating breakfast the party is informed that 7 men travelling from Platonia are looking for the shop girl. The party decides to fortify there positions and wait to see what the men want.

The leader of the group delivers a message from (can’t remember name)’s father. The message appears legitimate while the messengers motives are not. A battle ensues and the group tidily takes down the couriers. Tarn manages to destroy a few hand rails with his astroboots. Denga shows off his sniping ability and chases down the lone courier that escaped while the group takes turns torturing and reviving the head messenger.

The messenger reveals he was hired by a rich merchant based in Wekton, to deliver the girl to a contact in Kayde and he really doesn’t know much more beyond that. Meanwhile the message from the father has a secret message stating he is captive, location unknown, and to not go to Wekton.

The group reconvenes over lunch when….



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