Talking Trees
Run Denga Run

During the dinner feast Denga heard movement outside the village wall. He went to investigate and discovered a Legionnaire (highway patrol military from Platonia) up a tree and spying on the village. Denga tried to sneak around to the far side but was noticed. The Legionnaire awkwardly explained that he was trying to assess the siege situation. Denga informed him the siege was over and the goblins vanquished. The Legionnaire managed to reach his mount and bolt for his party that wasn’t far away. He returned with 20 Legionnaires all mounted. After finding the companion’s answers unsatisfactory, the Lieutenant takes the party into custody to be brought back to Fort. The Dwarf declares that the Legion has no control over him and the Legion allows him to go free.

Denga escapes headed towards Kayde with 5 Legionaires (including the scout he injured) in pursuit.  Denga climbs a tree to avoid notice, but when the Legionnaires approach his vicinity and spot him, he jumps down the tree and tears off again, quickly outpacing them with fleet Elven feet.
While this is happening the Legion take control of the village and begin their investigation of siege.  And of the Elf that shot their scout.
Save the village

The party com across the village of Field overrun with Goblins. The group manage to surprise the look-outs and quickly gain entry to the village.

Amidst the goup of goblins are several bugbears and a Hobgoblin spellcaster. It seems odd that that such a group would be working together.

The goblins had captured the village, and systematically searched the town. When their search proved fruitless, they began to question and kill the villagers. By the time the intrepid heroes arrived 5 men were already slain.

The rest of the village only suffered minor injuries. No goblins survived.

A Giant lizard

The party heads towards the village of Field and encounter a giant lizard. Riding the lizard is the dwarf Felgar. The group manage to quickly take down the beast and proceed to make their way to the village.

A Message
7 man courier

While eating breakfast the party is informed that 7 men travelling from Platonia are looking for the shop girl. The party decides to fortify there positions and wait to see what the men want.

The leader of the group delivers a message from (can’t remember name)’s father. The message appears legitimate while the messengers motives are not. A battle ensues and the group tidily takes down the couriers. Tarn manages to destroy a few hand rails with his astroboots. Denga shows off his sniping ability and chases down the lone courier that escaped while the group takes turns torturing and reviving the head messenger.

The messenger reveals he was hired by a rich merchant based in Wekton, to deliver the girl to a contact in Kayde and he really doesn’t know much more beyond that. Meanwhile the message from the father has a secret message stating he is captive, location unknown, and to not go to Wekton.

The group reconvenes over lunch when….

Bar Fight!

Tarn and the Shop Girl travel to Halford in search of her father who has been missing these past few weeks. At the Lion’s Den Inn they witness the start of a bar fight as some local miners pick on an elf (Denga) who has wandered in for some repast.

The fight starts with fists but the ruffians are quick to draw their weapons. Tarn hurls insults over his plate until one combatant includes him. At the sound of the bar fight a drunkard gains consciousness and evacuates his breakfast noisily and thoroughly outside before joining the fray. On the outskirts of the fight is the youthful petite Sauna who stumbles while trying to avoind the fight and accidentally injures a few fighters. The Drunkard in an amazing feat of prowess knocks out a fighter with a single punch, for which he is celebrated for the rest of the evening.

The strangers make there introductions and return to their meals.

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